Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

9 Intimate Gift Ideas For Her On Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Day is on the doorstep and who doesn’t wish to surprise their beloved in an extraordinary manner? With the right choice of unique gifts and intimate gift ideas for her that help to resemble your relationship with her can be the best gift ever. Words aren’t enough to flaunt your love but the ideal gifts show how much do you care about her. If you want to go intimate but still want to keep it subtle and not vulgar then do check out following gift ideas.

Let’s Get Kinky With Some Intimate Gift Ideas For Her

Surprise Delivery: Sexy Shapewear

Investing in Valentine’s Day shapewear is seriously a tricky task. Your woman wishes to look stunning as well as feel confident that too without going too overboard. After all, looking unique is so important nowadays especially when your beloved is having that particular outfit in her mind and do not want to squeeze too tight in that outfit. Corset dresses are the best fit for every outfit and they are stunningly stylish innerwear for your lady. Get shapewear that can help her to look slimmer than really she is by gently contouring her body in order to have a slimmer appearance.

Bathtub Caddy

After giving her birthday massage then all you have to do is fill up the bathtub, pour some her favourite drink and treat her like a queen by playing some romantic songs. Husband of the year, guaranteed!

It will be a great intimate gift ideas for her if you place a wooden bathtub table and on that, her favourite breakfast with a great novel, trust me it is a great start for the day. Such type of arrangement will excite her more for the rest of the surprises.

Bathtub Caddy

Send Her Flirty Photos

How will you start the special day? Do not think much and simply click some pictures of yours with a flirty pose. All you have to do is find a friend who can capture better pictures of yours and it will be a great start for the day. Some cute ideas can be wearing her favourite t-shirt of yours or costume from her favourite movie or maybe something else that represents her interest or connects your bond with her.

Laced Bralette Or Lingerie

If you haven’t known so far, let me tell you one thing. Women love to look sexy for themselves and for their partners as well. Give your beloved one a reason to look sexy this Valentine’s Day. A laced bralette or shapewear with bra with bright colours like red or maroon will be a perfect intimate gift idea for her.


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Set

Soothe her stressful life with an aromatherapy bath or a seducing yet relaxing aromatherapy massage. Aromatherapy essentially means to breathe or apply the soothing essential oils during bath or massage. These oils are known to eliminate stress, anxiety, headaches, insomnia and many other mental outbursts. The essential oils kits are available in the market to serve both the purposes.


An Erotic Novel For Setting The Mood

Words have an undiscovered power when you think about intimacy. They have a varied and intellectual impact depending on the person who is reading. If your loved one is a book-lover, go and get her some thrill in the book genre you select. Yes, I am talking about erotic novels. Not the ones with vulgar and meaningless sext stories, but the ones with sensational and rousing storylines. I recommend “The Sexual Life Of Catherine M.” as it has it all what it takes. You can explore more here.

Favourite Food in Bed

This is something she will truly appreciate more than having breakfast or brunch in bed. Favourite food can be anything and all you have to do is place it on a breakfast tray and just serve her as soon as she gets up. For instance, if she is fond of pancakes then make or order heart shaped pancakes with a morning drink and it is enough to bring a smile on her face which will truly last till the end of the day.

A Hamper to Pamper Her Five Senses

A five senses gift is a well rounded intimate gift ideas for her that includes a particular gift that connects each of the senses. For instance, her favourite food for taste, a soft shrug for touch, a body shaping cream, a small video of yours for sight as well as sound and perfume for the smell.

Hamper to Pamper

Blindfolded Surprise Date

Hey! Here is one step further to be more romantic with your intimate gift ideas for her by kidnapping or blindfolding your beloved. Trust me she will be blank and have no clue where you are taking her by this the surprise will be much more fun.


(Pro Tip: Blindfold her with a new scarf that she gets to keep as a gift)