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Butt Enhancement Pills

B̶̶̶o̶̶̶o̶̶̶t̶̶̶y̶̶̶ ̶̶̶M̶̶̶a̶̶̶x̶̶̶x̶̶̶


A great step towards getting curvier and plumper booty! Bum Humps pills are charged with a unique herbal-based formula to give you a boost towards enhancing the overall size and shape of your booty

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Booty Maxx pills are natural butt enhancement supplements that give you jiggly booty in just a matter of weeks. Achieving booty goals is easier than ever with these Booty Maxx butt enhancement pills. For faster and better results, it is also recommended to use Booty Maxx cream along with the pills.

Now no need to waste time and money on risky surgeries or exhausting work-out plans. These Booty Maxx buttocks enhancement pills have no known side-effects and specifically targets the buttocks for growing more fat in that area.

How Do Booty Maxx Pills Work?

Breaking down the ingredients used in the formula of these butt enhancement pills, it is obvious that they have taken the approach of natural herbs that act as estrogen boosters. They help to increase fat storage in the buttocks area.

Most of the ingredients used in the pills are used as supplements of their own and thus, the Booty Maxx pills support good health and cell function. Buy Booty Maxx, the best booty enhancement pills from Shape Angels. 

Ingredients of Booty Maxx Pills

Saw Palmetto (berry), Wild Yam (root), Fenugreek Extract (seed), Blessed Thistle, L-Tyrosine, Kelp, Maca (root), Dong Quai Extract, Veggie Capsule, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide.

Directions for Using These Butt Enhancement Pills

  1. Take the booty supplements twice a day, one in the morning and other in the evening. Each capsule contains 1036 mg of the Booty Maxx Proprietary Blend of ingredients.
  2. Each bottle of the best Booty Maxx butt enhancement pills contains 60 capsules and with the recommended dosage of 2 pills per day, it’s a 1-month supply.

Typically, customers start observing a slight change within the first 4-6 weeks. More pronounced results are usually noticeable after a short span of time. If you are looking to have a drastic change in the size of your booty, a full cycle of at least 6 months is highly recommended.


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