Panty Styles Can Make Or Break An Entire Look

Often we women are very considerate with our looks and leave no stone unturned in order to get the best out of it. Little do we know, though, that the briefs adorned inside are as important as the outwears . The panty styles can literally make or break the entire look and feel of our outerwear, which is why it's important to remember that our underwear is more than just a bare necessity.

I’ve Got Enough Panties- Said No Woman Ever

When it comes to choosing underwear or undergarments men and women are poles apart. Although men can only do well with bland black or white boxers, we women demand variety. 'I've got enough panties' no woman ever said! Among those countless shorts, however, women do have their favorites too.

The world of exotic lingerie has recently undergone a massive makeover. With the changing times and trends, today you will find several styles of panties according to your preference and style. Here, to get the most out of your lingerie wardrobe both in terms of style and comfort, we have narrowed our list to some of the most common types of wear.

Bouyant Bikini: For Jeans, Skirts, Dresses, You Name It!

Obviously one of the most widely used panty styles, a bikini is a classic for every woman. Bikini panties are a bit slimmer at the sides with high cut linings at the legs, offering full coverage on the back. If you want good coverage without compromising on style, these are the ideal panties. Flaunt them with your best swimwear and bikini bras.

Hot Sizzling Thongs: Underneath Tight Dresses And Fitted Pants.

If those obvious panty lines make you uncomfortable, it's time to become friends with the thong. Thongs are a perfect choice to remove those obvious panty lines, with little covering at the back. Wear them underneath, and even under those body-hugging outfits let that silhouette shine!

Gorgeous G Strings – Sensuality At Its Best!

They are somewhat similar to thongs with a narrow fabric triangle at the front, and a thin string at the back. They're super sexy, so you can wear them to improve your sensual appeal, and surprise your man.

Sensually Seamless – Panties That Fit In Seamlessly

These panties are made of premium and soft fabrics which make them wear very comfortable. They not only feel super smooth on the skin but are also a great option to minimize the panty lines’ appearance.

Hot Hipsters: For Low Rise Bottoms.

The hipster is fundamental and go-to underwear of any girl. It is definitely the most comfortable panty style offering full coverage both on the back and on the sides. The best part about hipster panties is they are available in a variety of styles of waists. For example: if you are plus-size woman, you can opt for high-waist hipsters that will dissimulate your belly fat and enhance your appearance.

Beautiful Boyshorts: For Flashing-Prone Outfits And Loungewear

Boyshorts are inspired by men's briefs or what we call 'men's boxers,' as the name suggests. They are very similar to shorts, but they do serve as panties. Both at the front and back they provide full coverage, thereby ranking as the most modest panties on the market. The best option is to wear them under your corset dresses and skirts.

Thrilling Tanga: Whenever You’re Feeling Cheeky!

Although tanga panties are not very popular, they are unquestionably sexy. Somewhere between what a thong and bikini provide, their coverage is more than a thong but less than a bikini. They are an excellent choice for active tights, leggings, and skirts.

So now that you have gathered enough information about panties, we want you to know that we have your back! From entering summers like a diva with our swimsuits to wearing all of the beautiful corsets, lingerie, body shapers, ShapeAngels stand as an epitome for lining up dresses as you command. Buy them today at best offers and cheap prices available online.