Big Booty Panties for Butt Lifting and Enhancement

Today, every lady out there is looking for ways to enhance her natural curves and flaunt that booty. And the easiest way to achieve that subtle butt lift is wearing a butt lifting panty inside any type of clothing. These big booty panties come with the butt pads which give you an instant butt boosting power, making you look sexy in all your outfits!

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Why Wear Big Booty Panties?

Flaunting that big booty is no taboo in the world today. Ladies spend thousands of dollars in the butt lifting implant surgeries. From the most popular celebs to the most followed influencers on Instagram, no female is left behind in this ‘perfectly round backside’ trend.

But what if you don’t want to spend hefty amounts of money on your butt? With these big booty panties, you can have that perfect derriere without going under the knife. Just wearing a piece of undergarment would give you the same results! You can choose from panty style, boxer style, capri style, bodysuit style, exposed or covered butt-cheeks style, etc. whichever suits you the best.

Features of These Butt Lifter Panties

  • These big booty panties come with a silicone padded panties style which helps your derriere look rounder.
  • They often come with a high waist which also keeps your tummy fat hidden by flattening it.
  • These pieces of undergarments not only help your butts, but also help your thighs look slimmer.
  • They enhance your posture making you look your version of perfect in any outfit that you wear.
  • You can wear these panties under your butt enhancement leggings to further enhance the shape of your back.
  • They also help you get rid of those annoying underwear lines which make it so embarrassing for you to wear a tight pair of leggings.
  • They make you look slimmer and skinnier instantly.

Cons with Padded Panties

Although these butt lifters are a great way to enhance the shape of your back without spending huge amounts of money, there are some cons that a few ladies experienced while using them.

  • The panties with hip pads can be incredibly uncomfortable if the butt pads don’t suit the shape and size of your backside.
  • Although they are size inclusive, they don’t really work for all butt shapes.
  • Sometimes they can create weird lines which are quite noticeable under certain types of clothing.
  • They aren’t a permanent solution to shape your back. The butt pads only work when you are wearing them, once you remove them, you are back to your normal body shape. In order to get permanent results, you will have to make use of butt enhancing exercises or go for a butt lifting surgery, and not solely rely on these big booty panties.

We know that one must be proud of his/her natural body, but there are times when you don’t feel so confident about the shape or size of your back. This is where these big booty panties come to help without requiring you to go for an implant which takes away the naturalness of your body or its shape. They give a rapid boost to your self-esteem and self-confidence. Also, with the hip pads giving you a round and fuller backside, you look sexier and feel sexy and confident in any tight fitting dress that you wear. Be it a date night, a day at the concert, a brunch with your friends or even a normal office day, you can feel sexy anytime!